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What driver bits work with the Zack Rabbit™ Countersink System?

The Zack Rabbit™ Countersink System is compatible will most types of double ended driver bits. Makita, Milwaukee, and Irwin currently offer these bits both online and in big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. Just ask for “double ended impact rated driver bits”. They are available at most hardware stores. We also offer our own custom Phillips#2/ Torque T25 double ended driver bit, produced here in the USA.

How do I adjust or replace my drill bit?

First, fully loosen the hex screws with the supplied wrench. Grab the remaining stub of the drill bit with pliers. With the Zack Rabbit connected to the drill, spin the drill slowly in reverse while holding the drill bit securely in place. Remove drill bit and replace. Tighten the hex screws and you’re set!

How can I care for my Zack Rabbit™?

Apply WD-40 inside the locking body to help the Zack Rabbit™ retain a light touch release.

My hex key wore thin and I can’t loosen the hex screw?

Use an angle grinder or belt sander to grind the rounded part of the hex key back. Make sure to engage the wrench as deep into the hex screw as possible and then loosen. Replacement set screws are available on request.

How can I create wood-plugs that cover my screws?

We sell a 3/8” plug cutter that makes plugs from any type of material. The high speed Zack Rabbit Plug Cutter, simply chucks into your drill and away you go! (note - A drill press is the optimal tool for a plug cutter, but they can be done free hand as well)