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Introducing the Zack Rabbit Countersink!


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Dear Woodworkers,

Thank you for your interest in the Zack Rabbit™ countersink!  My name is Zack Giffin, I am the lead carpenter and co-host of Tiny House Nation (on the FYI Network) and Board member of Operation Tiny Home.  But, before anything, I am a Giffin and I come from a family of machinists/inventors. We have been manufacturing tools since 1978.  I am the official Carpenter of the family (and sometimes Plumber) and over the past three years, I have been working along side my father and two brothers to refine the design of the quick-change countersink we call the “Zack Rabbit™”.  

The Zack Rabbit™ is unlike any other countersink on the market due to the patented, one handed release. This drastically decreases the time and hassle of wood screw construction. Plus, the innovative locking mechanism just doesn't break.  On top of being the fastest/easiest quick change countersink, the Zack Rabbit™ is also the only countersink on the market designed specifically to handle the abuse and stress that is inherent when using impact drivers.  The result is a simple solution that cuts your time in half and outlast any other quick change out there.  If you are a professional like me, this is a tool you will quickly find indispensable and if you are a homeowner it will enable you to do a wide variety of small projects, super easily and requiring nothing more than a drill.  So, it is a massive joy of mine to announce the coming release of a tool that will change the world of carpentry!  

The first production run of Zack Rabbits™ is scheduled for release in January 2018.  Anyone who places a pre-order will receive a Full Set of three signature edition Zack Rabbits from the first run.  Furthermore, you will be contributing to my efforts to end veterans’ homelessness. A full 20% of my proceeds will go to Operation Tiny Home to help me return the favor to those who served.  Thank you to everyone for your support. I can’t wait to get these tools into your hands because they really are far superior to any other countersink in the world.


Zack Giffin


Zack Rabbit Tool CO.